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Marvin White fined $7,500 for hit on Packers' Martin

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During Monday Night's game, Marvin White was a factor. Whether he was dropped by Donald Driver with a forearm out of bounds, or cleaning off James Jones' head who subsequently completed a 30-yard touchdown, White was a factor.

After that, White had a mission in mind: To make amends for two plays that likely embarrassed him (not to mention, several missed tackles). So on a play in the second quarter, Deltha O'Neal tipped a Brian Brohm pass intended for Ruvell Martin. The ball sort of floated and Martin, letting his defenses fall, was wide open for a massive shot. White took advantage and left Martin with a bruised jaw and mild concussion.

The league saw the hit, and announced that White will be fined $7,500 for “impermissible use of the helmet." I've said it before. With Marvin White roaming in the secondary, and receivers crossing the intermediate middle, the Bengals have a player that may force receivers to think of White, perhaps causing several incompletes throughout the season. He may miss a few tackles by failing to wrap up, but if that's the cost of having a guy that receivers could fear, then what the hell?