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Saturday afternoon links and notes -- gawd, I hate lists

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Site question: Sometimes we load the site with a ton of content that makes you scroll down, at times, for hours. My question to you is this, do you want the full list of our daily links and notes, or should we do a "read more" link?

Pragmatic freaks when he sees that some Los Angeles Times article ranked Carson Palmer as the ninth-best quarterback in the league this year. For those of you that have joined me for the past few years know, I hate lists. I hate them. There's rarely a decent point of comparison, and most are just random musings of personal perceptions of what the author thinks. No doubt, they enable decent debates, because everyone's perception is always different. In truth, they are meaningless and too much include the talent around them. In other words, every quarterback deals with a different system, different personnel; so where's the comparison?

Anyway, we know that Palmer is the best quarterback in the league, right? :)

We asked recently if the Bengals should go after LeCharles Bentley with a questionable Eric G. ability to take on the division's defensive tackles and Dan Santucci being hurt. The Lions offered Bentley a one-year deal in excess of one-million, but he refused. It's believed that Bentley wants more than the low-dollar prove-that-you're-healthy deals he's being offered. So much for that idea, huh?

The rookie wide receivers, Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell, are thinking too much, playing slower, missing assignments, etc.. Neither is expected to contribute much this season anyway, playing mostly special teams with the hope one of them rises as the number three receiver.

Mark Curnutte shares three optimisms (offensive line, Mike Zimmer, Carson Palmer) and three concerns (the defense, running backs and the return game).

Geoff Hobson tries to figure out why the Bengals aren't more notable in the discussion among AFC North contenders.

Chris Perry talks about his struggles, and apprehension about staying healthy.

WDR will refuse to give the front office credit if they win, but more than willing to blame the front office when they lose.

I never really expected ESPN's James Walker to talk much of the Bengals in his AFC North blog, and when he does, he answers a reader that's impressed that Rivers had seven sacks Monday Night. Or it's giving more and more legs to the story that the Bengals are "interested" in Chris Henry.

Rookie guard, Justin Britt cleared waivers and is now on the team's IR.

A Bengals blog on another another network argues that Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat. Again, if the team goes 2-14, he might be -- in 2009.

Terrell Suggs ends a 23-day holdout finally relenting to an under-paid $8.5 million dollar tender. He didn't want to be franchised next season, and wanted to be classified as a defensive end, rather than outside linebacker -- which awards him another $800,000. Baltimore Sun writes that he should be ready for the opening game against the Bengals.

Joshua Cribbs completed a 50-yard pass in practice on Friday.