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Question about the Bengals third quarterback

While little white uniforms and little green uniforms distracted from ESPN's Monday Night broadcast, The Aaron Rodgers Story, it was noted that the Bengals showed their hand regarding the team's third quarterback. With six-plus minutes left in the third quarter, the Bengals sent in Jeff Rowe to relieve Ryan Fitzpatrick, taking 18 snaps, completing two of eight passes for 24 yards and an interception. Rowe showed he had decent arm strength and truthfully, his receivers didn't come through for him. He even showed decent accuracy rolling out.

Jordan Palmer joined the game late in the fourth quarter, and took five snaps, including the game-winning knee. His one pass attempt was a completed two-yard shovel pass to James Johnson, on third-and-11.

Our guess: Provided that the team isn't already set with their quarterback's depth chart, roles could reverse against the Lions; Rowe coming in late for a two-yard shovel pass while Jordan Palmer gets work in half the third quarter and half the fourth quarter. Then again, we still haven't figured out why the Bengals picked Rowe in the fifth-round of the 2007 NFL draft, if not to have a good backup quarterback. And the team figures keeping Ryan Fitzpatrick around gives them more chance than with Rowe backing up. Maybe that changes next year when Fitzpatrick figures to check out the free agency market as an unrestricted.