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Pat Sims injury comes with bad timing

Of the injuries that popped up Sunday Night against the Lions, Pat Sims could be the biggest interruption. With over 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Sims was carted off the field suffering a sprained foot and turf toe, leaving the locker room on crutches. This injury hurts the Bengals, a lot, if Sims can't recover by opening weekend.

First and foremost, the issue is rotation. Jason Shirley has a court case in late September that, worst case scenario, could force him out of action for a few games (at least) depending on the verdict. Michael Myers, decent enough in his own right, may make the squad based on uncertainty of the position's future for this season. Sims and Shirley would be the only defensive tackles eligible for the practice squad, which brings into question Antwon Burton's chances -- who, I don't think, is eligible for the practice squad. Burton and Myers would simply become insurance polices, and Myers would have the lead on that race.

Given time to declare a time table to examine the severity of the injury, we'll know soon enough, I'm sure. But it doesn't bode well for a defensive front that's developing questions with their defensive tackles, and an overall front four lacking any sense of a pass rush and the team's biggest free agent prize still "hoping" for an opening weekend return.