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Injury notes after Sunday's pre-season game

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The most noticeable injury Sunday night was Chad Johnson's shoulder injury, where he landed on his elbow and popped his shoulder out of socket. Marvin Lewis has already declared Johnson out for Saturday Night's contest hosting the New Orleans Saints, but Johnson is confident that he'll recover quickly. Alex Marvez points out that Chad Johnson's off-season character-suicide campaign may have hurt the team's overall passing game because now he's making up time to get in sync with Carson Palmer -- but now he's hurt.

Johnson returned to Paul Brown Stadium Monday to treat his injury.

Rudi Johnson was pulled from Sunday's game after "pre-game buzz" said that "Johnson's hamstring tightened following a couple of practices last week and that he didn't work Friday during the club's last practice at Georgetown College."

At this point, don't you declare Chris Perry or Kenny Watson your team's full-time feature back until Rudi Johnson can prove to the team that he won't be hampered another season with hamstring problems? You know, just a thought.

In the fourth quarter, the Bengals suffered another injury at wide receiver after Andre Caldwell sustained a toe injury, leaving on crutches with a walking boot. Horrible timing for the rookie receiver, one of several competing for the #3 wide receiver spot. More importantly, he's competing for a spot on special teams. Not that he'd be cut, but he could find himself on the team's practice squad; unless the injury is severe enough to throw him on IR.