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Thursday morning links and notes -- Palmer to wear a Tressel-style sweater vest?

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Even though Chris Perry was named the starting running back for the Bengals (if the season started this weekend), Rudi Johnson is still listed on the team's depth chart on Coming into this season, I was big on Rudi Johnson's return. I had hoped his rigorous off-season training program, with renewed health, would reinvigorate this rushing offense. Instead, Rudi Johnson hasn't practiced much during training camp, dealing with another hamstring injury, all but assuring that his participation, at most, will be enabled with a running back by committee type of deal. That is, of course, he comes out of the gate firing, which doesn't appear likely right now. Chris Perry's renewed play during pre-season accelerated that, if not promoting him to the top spot and the team's future feature back beyond this season.

The Bengals waived Ethan Kilmer and fullback Bradley Glatthaar. Once Kilmer clears waiver, he'll be placed on injured reserve while Glatthaar was waived "with an injury settlement" cutting his ties with the organization. After recent cuts, including cornerback Jerrid Gaines, the Bengals roster stands at 76.

Dates to remember.

August 26 - Roster maximum is 75
August 30 - Roster maximum is 53

Carson Palmer sees the best way for this offense to come out of the gate this season, is using Chris Perry and Kenny Watson and making the running game a staple.

Palmer and Paul Daugherty made a bet.

Palmer made a friendly bet with WLW Sportstalk host Paul Daugherty on the Sept. 13 Southern Cal-Ohio State game.

If the Trojans win, "Doc" has to wear orange-and-black "Bengals stripes" face paint to a news conference. If the Buckeyes win, Palmer has to wear a Jim Tressel-style Ohio State sweater vest.

Jeremi Johnson will play Saturday night.

The worst city to be a sports fan is Miami. The fifth worst city is Cincinnati (surprised?)

Kirby points out that Marcus Maxwell appears to have torn a muscle that "threatens to keep him out the first month of the season".

Prag discusses the 53-man roster.