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Marcus Maxwell lost for the season

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Last year, it was linebackers. This year, it's receivers. On what's the fourth blow to the pre-season wide receiver roster, the Bengals announced today that Marcus Maxwell will miss the entire 2008 season after it's believed that he "suffered a muscle injury Tuesday during practice." Maxwell will likely clear waivers and land on the team's injury reserve.

Chad Johnson banged his shoulder up and now speculation is that he may not make opening weekend. T.J. Houshmandzadeh is still nursing his hamstring (or sandbagging his injury until opening weekend), and Andre Caldwell's foot is in a boot after suffering a foot sprain against the Lions.

For this Saturday, the Bengals will be down to Antonio Chatman, Glenn Holt, Jerome Simpson, Clyde Logan, Maurice Purify and Mario Urrutia. It's not clear if Henry will play Saturday.

Makes the signing of Chris Henry that more relevant, doesn't it?