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Monday morning links and notes

If the latest poll is any indication, there's a deep divide between Bengals fans. You have the people that concerned with what they've seen in the preseason, but realize that preseason is preseason -- a period in which teams are still implementing schemes, offenses are still working on their timing and communication (see offensive line), and defenses are playing game-speed, still working on their Mike Zimmer aggressiveness. Then you have those that have zero hope for this season, based on what they've seen through the first three games of the preseason.

In the poll, 40% view this season already as a miserable failure. However, 46% of you haven't change your opinion that the preseason is meaningless, though you're justifiably concerned. Another 12% really don't care what happens right now.

However, the more interesting (and a justified position) is that no one, not a single person, thought that the coaches could fix whatever problems this team is dealing with.

The first roster cut down day is tomorrow (Tuesday, the 26th). The Bengals have 76 players on their roster and will need to cut one to hit the maximum. The big roster cut down day is August 30th (Saturday), where we'll learn the team's active 53-man roster.

Prag is liking the progression of our defense, but points out that there's a lot more work to do.

Palmer is questionable against Indianapolis after suffering a broken bone in his nose. He'll be ready by kickoff weekend.

Chick Ludwig writes that Armageddon will start against the Ravens.

Clyde Logan handed his #15 to Chris Henry and picked up #12.

William Rhoden of the New York Times examines the Bengals signing Chris Henry.