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Bengals are shopping Rudi Johnson for Starting WR

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I've been late to the party today because of that pesky real-life work stuff that tends to get in the way.

By now you've heard the story. ESPN reports that the Bengals are shopping Rudi Johnson for a starting wide receiver. The truth is, the Bengals are diluting themselves regarding Johnson's value on the market, and actually thinking they'll get a good starting receiver in return -- and actually expecting that they can trade Rudi's untradeable $3.2 million?

Furthermore, with the publicity of this report, Rudi Johnson now feels out of the loop -- or even disrespected. There's going to be more to this story, but the two things that popped in my mind when I heard this were the team's delusion of Rudi's value, and the likelihood that Rudi Johnson now feels unwanted and could be yet another distraction -- though, in truth, that would be against the persona we know of him.

Rudi Johnson for Anquan Boldin, Ludwig ponders. Actually getting that trade to go, straight up, would be impressive. However, Boldin's demand for a trade is his contract, and it's unlikely the Bengals would hand him an extension -- unless they see Boldin as Houshmandzadeh's replacement.

I've also heard that Marvin Lewis wasn't aware of this.