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Even with partially torn labrum, Chad going to play, have procedure in off-season

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Chad Johnson is committed to playing the opener against the Baltimore Ravens, partially torn labrum or not. Already deciding to get the season-ending procedure after the season, Johnson was convinced of players that had similar injuries, yet successful seasons when they put the procedure off until the end of the season. "I need surgery, but there's still nothing wrong with me. I'm not going to have (surgery). For what? I've got a season to play."

Thus my head-scratching continues. Supposedly some believe that signing Chris Henry was in response to Chad Johnson's injury. I still don't view that a realistic possibility considering that 25% of Henry's season is aimed at serving his suspension. Furthermore, if Johnson is going to play, then that degrades the argument. Unless you're talking about an insurance policy -- which is an awfully lame excuse for destroying whatever perceptions were that Marvin Lewis was in control of the locker room. Sure, Brown is the owner and can do whatever he wants. Furthermore, Lewis was never titled as the General Manager -- but that was the kind of role we were originally led to believe.

On the bright side, T.J. Houshmandzadeh said during Saturday night's game that he'll work this week and see how his hamstring feels -- maybe even playing a series or two against the Colts Thursday night.