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Is pre-season game #4 Rudi's last chance?

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Another issue we raised earlier in the week was how Rudi Johnson would react hearing his name apart of a trade-rumor. The issue isn't truly how he feels, rather his role in any locker room distractions or divisions. "They've been trying to get me out of here for years. Since I first got here. That's why nothing surprises me and I'm not worried. Every year. It night not happen. Every year."

Marvin Lewis points out that Rudi Johnson's chance to prove he's still the team's feature back is this Thursday. "He's still working, fighting for a job just like everybody else is, right? That's the way it is. This is his first chance this year. I haven't seen (him), so that's the big thing."

One has to wonder if Rudi doesn't play, or records a poor performance, he could be gone either by trade or simply releasing him. Personally, I would think that it wouldn't be a good idea. We need the position filled with the fear of injury to, at least, two backs have suffered injury -- not including Johnson. And I'm not of the opinion that James Johnson is much of an improvement over Rudi. Next year, who knows? But I believe the Bengals will dip into the draft pool for at least one power-back. But that's next year.

Either way, he knows that this is a business and this happens.