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Clearing up the Swedish Linebacker's Role with the Cincinnati Bengals (talking International Practice Squad)

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We haven't talked much (if at all) of Carl-Johan Bjork -- the Swedish linebacker. It's true, Bjork, who got some preseason snaps including tackles against the Packers and Colts, is a preseason roster exemption because he's an international practice squad player. Likely he's not going to make the squad's 53-man roster, so let's quickly examine his role with the Bengals.

Bjork is an International Practice Squad player, allowing him a preseason roster exemption and a Practice Squad exemption. Whereas most NFL teams are allowed a maximum eight players on their Practice Squad, the Bengals are allowed nine.

However, Bjork's status does not translate to the 53-man roster; therefore there is no exemption allowed. And let it be known that I'm not sure if an IPS player is even eligible for the team's 53-man active roster. The exemption isn't the only difference between a Practice Squad player and an International Practice Squad player. An IPS player isn't allowed to negotiate an NFL contract with any club -- and can't be pulled like Matt Toeaina.

For the language, read Article XXXIV, section 1b of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, that reads:

"International Players shall be subject to the same terms and conditions of employment that apply to other practice players except that they (1) may not, during the term of their practice player contract, negotiate or sign an NFL Player Contract with any Club; and (2) may not practice with any Club following the last Conference Championship Game unless both Conference Championship teams have such a player. In addition, notwithstanding the provisions of Section 4 below, such International Player shall be eligible to serve on a Practice Squad for three additional seasons after the completion of the player's year(s) as an International Player. As set forth in Article XXXIV, Section 3, the weekly salary for such international players shall not be included in the employing Club's Team Salary and shall be deducted from the calculation of the Salary Cap in the same manner as any Player Benefit."

In the end, Bjork (IPS player or not) won't make the roster and will be placed on the Practice Squad.