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Meet Chad Javon Ocho Cinco

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Even though at the time of this publication, the roster lists #85 as Chad Johnson, Broward County, Florida officially recognizes #85 as Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. So, yea.

Before you're too baffled, the partially torn labrum did not hinder this epic event, and there's no word whether or not Johnson... Ocho Cinco will be allowed to display his uniform. The league is looking into it.

Anyway, 10% of jersey sales go to the player, writes Geoff Hobson. It's been noted this off-season that one of Johnson's... Ocho Cinco's primary reasons for sitting out was for an extension because of money issues. Not that this help, simply because Bengals fans, for the most part, have a sour taste in their mouth after Johnson's... Ocho Cinco's vocal off-season. Still, Johnson... Ocho Cinco, we know, is a rather childish 30-year old that still thinks he's in high school doing foolish stuff. Not that it's a bad thing, just makes him look, you know, juvenile.

And you have to admit, after going through the preseason we went through, it's not necessarily a bad thing to divert the product on the field to the oddness of Johnson... damn it... Ocho Cinco. Still, for me personally, whooptie doo. As long as he scores touchdowns, I'll call him Debra if it turns him on.