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Understanding Derrick Harvey's and Keith River's holdout

Apparently, the Jaguars are looking to increase Derrick Harvey's draft slot 10% over last year's selection (at that slot), whereas Harvey's agent is looking somewhere in the range of 10-75%. Defensive end Jamaal Anderson signed a five-year deal worth $30.9 million with the Falcons last season. That's a range of $4-24 million added to the $30.9 million based on the wide range of percentage increase. In other words, Harvey is looking at a $20 million (roughly) difference during negotiations. Now, put yourself in that situation and understand that it's easy to play that perspective as a fan and demand that someone goes into camp. If the system allows you to have that much of a difference, then why wouldn't you fight for the $24 million rather than the $4 million?

Anderson never registered a sack his rookie season which further proves that rookies getting this much money, for super-mediocre seasons, has to be addressed with upcoming CBA negotiations.

Here's the problem from Keith Rivers' perspective. Harvey could sign a deal worth $35 million, or $50 million. Rivers and his agent David Dunn, from their perspective, would be wise to wait. And honestly, so are the Bengals who would rather pay the low-end figure rather than the high end figure that would favor Rivers.

Yes, I understand that Rivers is missing time. Yes, I understand it's ridiculous from our blue-collar perspective. Still, that's the situation and it is what it is. Thankfully, Brandon Johnson is stepping up in Rivers role for now.

Moving on...

The Bengals off-season was far less chaotic than others want us to believe. Take out Chad Johnson, the Bengals released two players that ran into trouble (one way or another), and this off-season was actually pretty boring. The Bengals are left with a stigma that's refusing to disappear, forcing non-issues to be promoted major chaos.

James Walker doesn't think the Bengals will be Super Bowl contenders this year. I, on the other hand, feel that the Bengals have as good a chance as any in the division to win the AFC North.

Dan Santucci got some work with the first team over the weekend.

If the season were to start today, Antonio Chatman would have a small lead for that number three wide receiver spot.

Corey Lynch isn't just solidifying a roster spot, he's throwing in a strong argument to start.

Antwan Odom is still in a boot, but missing crutches. Odom's sprained left foot is a problem with his "fifth metatarsal - or the outside bone in the foot that connects to the little toe".

Mike Zimmer on Keith Rivers' hold out: "It's starting to get old now."

Johnathan Joseph is one of the player's taken by Mike Zimmer. Zimmer on Joseph: "He's working, he's aggressive, he's tough, he's physical, he's smart."