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Ranking Bengals after the first week of camp

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The following is a simple ranking based on the first week of training camp; basically where I ranked players at their position from reports and scrimmage games. This is not a projection of who makes the roster. Rankings are also different for positions like offensive tackle, where the first two are starters and are not ranked within themselves. I also didn't see the point of listing Kyle Larson or Shayne Graham because they are the only players at their respective positions. There are some players that we're simply not hearing about, so I listed them in no particular order further down the list truly not expecting them to make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. Also, the numbers are not adding up -- the team has 80 players on the roster, but based on the roster list on, that number isn't coming out on the ranking below -- but it's really not that big of a deal and not the point of rankings. Anyway, tell me your thoughts on places you think needs adjusting.



  1. Carson Palmer
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick
  3. Jordan Palmer
  4. Jeff Rowe

Running Back

  1. Rudi Johnson
  2. Chris Perry
  3. Kenny Watson
  4. James Johnson
  5. DeDe Dorsey

Full Back

  1. Daniel Coats
  2. Jeremi Johnson
  3. Tyler Whaley
  4. Bradley Glatthaar

Wide Receiver

  1. Chad Johnson
  2. T.J. Houshmandzadeh
  3. Antonio Chatman
  4. Jerome Simpson
  5. Marcus Maxwell
  6. Glenn Holt
  7. Andre Caldwell
  8. Mario Urrutia
  9. Clyde Logan
  10. Maurice Purify
  11. Travis Brown

Tight End

  1. Reggie Kelly
  2. Ben Utecht
  3. Nate Lawrie
  4. Matt Sherry
  5. Brad St. Louis


  1. Levi Jones
  2. Stacy Andrews
  3. Willie Anderson
  4. Antony Collins
  5. Dane Uperesa


  1. Bobbie Williams
  2. Andrew Whitworth
  3. Scott Kooistra
  4. Nate Livings
  5. James Blair
  6. Justin Britt


  1. Eric Ghiaciuc
  2. Dan Santucci
  3. Kyle Cook


Defensive End

  1. Antwan Odom
  2. Robert Geathers
  3. Frostee Rucker
  4. Jonathan Fanene
  5. Eric Henderson
  6. Angelo Craig

Defensive Tackle

  1. John Thornton
  2. Domata Peko
  3. Pat Sims
  4. Jason Shirley
  5. Michael Myers
  6. Antwon Burton


  1. Dhani Jones
  2. Brandon Johnson
  3. Rashad Jeanty
  4. Keith Rivers
  5. Ahmad Brooks
  6. Jim Maxwell
  7. Corey Mays
  8. Darryl Blackstock
  9. Anthony Hoke
  10. Dan Howell
  11. Carl-Johan Bjork


  1. Leon Hall
  2. Johnathan Joseph
  3. Simeon Castille
  4. Deltha O'Neal
  5. David Jones
  6. Ethan Kilmer
  7. Jonathan Zenon


  1. Dexter Jackson
  2. Marvin White
  3. Chinedum Ndukwe
  4. Corey Lynch
  5. Herana-Daze Jones
  6. Kyries Herbert
  7. John Busing