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The Bengals and Rivers are "far apart"

James Walker, the AFC North writer for, writes that the Bengals and Keith Rivers are "far apart". Really? We hadn't any idea. The fact is that Sedrick Ellis (seventh pick) and Jerod Mayo (tenth pick) have deals with over $30 million between them. That much cash isn't likely to influence any representative for a player -- likely to score his biggest deal, that's not a quarterback, for his career -- to simply flush away. Our point of view, and their point of view, are on two different planets. Yes, he should be here.

If you're pissed off that he's not here, take it to the system that suddenly finds the need to discuss a cap for rookies -- which is long overdue. And if speculation that some agents represent high-ranking player association members and high draft picks is true, then the system is really messed up. And while Roger Goodell speaks of a rookie cap, while guys like Gene Upshaw are adamantly against it, the negotiations for the CBA could be truly a headache for NFL fans.

From the team's perspective, their best action might be to wait until Harvey signs with the Jaguars to solidify their position of not overpaying -- trying to keep a massive rookie contract to a minimum. From Rivers' perspective, getting a maximum payday, that could potentially pay him out his biggest contract in his career (hey, things happen). From David Dunn's perspective... well, that's clear enough considering Dunn is now going to the press to publicly pressure the Bengals with the above Walker piece.