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Today is the biggest annual American business layoff day

From Friday afternoon to Saturday evening, several people are going to be out of a job -- like 650 layoffs at the struggling local automotive plant. Several players being laid off this weekend won't get established, anywhere, because many were undrafted college free agents who aren't viewed to be talented enough in this league. They're given shots, but fail to have their goals realized because of predetermined roster spots and, frankly, it's just cheaper to release them, rather than a running back scheduled to make over $4 million, with a cap penalty of $2 million.

These guys are low-end guys, paid barely the minimum, like assembly-line workers being laid off while cigar-smoking fat-wigs puff circles of gold from their $1,000 monster sticks. It's the nature of the NFL; hell, it's the nature of American business, if not a direct correlation to capitalism. Differences (like maximum rosters, not sagging economy) aside, many players that are cut this weekend will have to find alternative methods of bringing home the bacon. Sad. I know. But it's the nature of the business. And most of us couldn't give a damn.

Today is that day; the dead-line to get your roster at 53 men. No, today isn't the day they set the final roster. At 8 p.m. Saturday night, the waiver wire kicks off and the Bengals could sign more, and waive the number they sign. We'll be online most of the day today to examine what changes are made within the Bengals camp.

Cuts are due to the league office at 4 p.m.
At noon Sunday, teams can establish their practice squad.

Chick Ludwig runs through a list of famous name changes.

This Fox Sports Bengals preview does a great job chronicling the Bengals preseason -- saying the only problem at first was an unsigned Keith Rivers. Then everything fell apart after that with injuries. They predict another 8-8 season, but second in the AFC North.

The only "Big Decision" the Bengals have come cut down day is Rudi Johnson, opines James Walker.

Mark Curnutte guesses the 53-man roster.

Pragmatic throws his predictions into the ring as well.

Ludwig points out five issues facing the Bengals going into the season opener.

With the Jets down to two running backs, does that open a hole for a certain Bengals running back?