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The Buckeyes kickoff today

Since today is cut down day (I'm cracking knuckles, refreshing browsers, staying off my cell phone), I'll be here. But also today is the start of the Ohio State Buckeyes season -- and the rest of college football that didn't play Thursday or Friday.

Not because these sites are apart of SB Nation, but because they are tremendous blogs in their own right, tOSU's Around the Oval opens their weekly game thread for the Saturday afternoon game against Youngstown. Click here for some Buckeyes depth chart stuff.

Another good site, really with originally, is the Rivalry, Esq, run by (no joke) a Buckeyes and a Wolverine, both "enjoy the same few truths: cold beer in fat mugs, and conflicting ideas about the nature of sport."

Usually Saturdays are a slow day for the site, so I won't call this posting an "Open Thread" for college Saturday. However, since today will be unusual with the looming cuts we expect, traffic and participation could be up. So if you're a college fan, Buckeyes or whatever, talk, do what you do best.

FYI, if you're in the Cincinnati area, have digital cable, the Big Ten Network (agreement signed this week), the game is on Channel 60.