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Bengals to Willie Anderson: Take Pay Cut

In a move that's more financial than anything, the Bengals could be cutting Willie Anderson today, writes the boys at PFT. Rather than unceremoniously letting the Bengals best, and most loyal, player through nightmare seasons, go, they approached Willie about taking a pay cut. One would assume that if Willie doesn't take the cut, the team will let him go.

Again, this is one of those moves that I think the Bengals "bungled" in 2006 when they gave extensions to Levi Jones and Anderson, then letting Eric Steinbach go.

However, letting Anderson go for money reasons doesn't seem like it would help the team much. The cap savings would be minimal, and it's not like they'd pay overwhelmingly for another player that was cut off someone's roster this weekend. And I still don't see Anthony Collins, Scott Kooistra or Dane Uperesa, better than Anderson.