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Initial Reaction After Cuts

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Now that phase one of the 53-man roster is complete, we can digest what we know, and our surprises. Willie Anderson was a surprise, though Rudi Johnson's situation became too murky to be surprised one way or the other. Deltha O'Neal's best shot to make the team, it would appear, was returning punts. He didn't do that too well and now he's gone.

  • I was surprised, based on the playing time during the entire preseason, that Jordan Palmer beat out Jeff Rowe.
  • I think running backs, tight ends, defensive ends, and wide receivers were predicatively known.
  • You can include defensive tackles, however, I didn't expect Michael Myers to make it, though he had a strong preseason and Pat Sims is still hurt -- no telling when he returns.
  • I was surprised the Bengals took three centers in Ghiaciuc, Cook and Santucci. I figured they'd keep Ghiaciuc and maybe someone else, using Williams as the team's emergency center. Though one of the backup centers could be used as a roster spot if another player is added through waivers.
  • Ahmad Brooks wasn't a surprise; though I did think that Jim Maxwell played well enough. However, the Bengals decided to keep six healthy linebackers because of a secondary spotty with injuries.
  • Jones and Castille made the squad over aging Deltha O'Neal, and we expected at least one of the two to make it. However, it was a bit surprising that both did.
  • I'm glad the Bengals kept the safeties they did, only releasing Busing, whose biggest chance of making the squad wasn't special teams -- rather beating out one of those six. And one of those six would have likely been Dexter Jackson -- considering Hebert played well in preseason and Herana-Daze Jones is historically an awesome special teams guy.

Twelve players released are eligible for the practice squad. They are:

Antwon Burton
Eric Henderson
Nate Livings
Dane Uperesa
James Blair
Angelo Craig
Anthony Hoke
Dan Howell
James Johnson
Clyde Logan
Maurice Purify
Mario Urrutia

What are your thoughts?