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Wednesday morning links and notes -- more on Rivers deal

Terms are still undisclosed for Keith Rivers' deal, though the PFT guys say that Rivers' guarantee is "roughly $15.6 million"; if you include a clause for minimum playing time, it will "push him over $20 million". ESPN's John Clayton says the same thing: "Rivers could max out with a contract in excess of $20 million if he hits all of his performance and playing-time clauses." Even missing 12 practices in 10 days, Rivers still has a "chance to be a starter in Week 1".

Rudi Johnson on his minor hamstring injury that's keeping him out of practice: "It’s hot out here, it’s something that comes with the territory. It’s nothing important, so don’t make a big deal about it."

Think Big Entertainment will launch this week, which is Willie Anderson's new entertainment business. A rapper named "G-Fiive" is the first signing.

Mike Zimmer really likes his two rookie defensive tackles.

Ethan Kilmer is still struggling to get on the field because of injury; and it wouldn't surprise us if he were cut during the first first round of cuts later this month.

The Bengals are still searching for that number three wide receiver.