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Claim: Henry "seen at Bengals" camp

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Apparently Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis are "headed towards a showdown over Chris Henry" and Henry was "seen at Bengals training camp late last evening." Let's first point out that of all the team's beat writers in Georgetown, none wrote anything about it. If Henry was truly seen, this would hit the wire in a heartbeat for obvious reasons. The WDR guys point out that it's a baseless rumor and don't cite any sources for the claim. Let's also point out that Chris Henry will be suspended for the first four games of the season -- so signing him now would be mind-boggling. Then we have to assume that Henry would need to workout on his own, because he has no mandate being unemployed. In other words, do you think he's working to get better on his own, or doing what Chris Henry usually does?

The only scenario I see Henry returning is if after four games, the Bengals are still struggling to find that number three receiver. But that's a slim chance with Ben Utecht joining the Bengals and Chris Perry returning -- and the team drafting two receivers with their first four selections in the 2008 NFL draft. Utecht could be used as a split-out while Reggie Kelly lines up on the line. They have options, many options, that doesn't "require" a Henry return. Henry's first game back would be against the Dallas Cowboys on October 5; then he'd likely need a game or two more to prepare while other receivers are getting the bulk of the playing time.

Based on 3rd-grade logic, I just don't see it and most scenarios that invite his return, are too far-fetched. That's not to say the WDR guys are wrong, might be getting some bad information. Then again, the Bengals do stupid things at times, so I suppose it's not that far fetched.