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Thursday morning links and notes -- Rivers will play Monday night

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Marvin Lewis expects Keith Rivers to "play some" on Monday night against the Packers. Rivers' deal is apparently six years, $4 million more than Jerod May and worth $23 million if his "contract maxes out". If there's some proof that Rivers is going to be a good pickup, he texted several team mates, was already in Cincinnati just waiting for everything to be worked out.

When Levi Jones (who rested Wednesday night) is out of the lineup, Andrew Whitworth moves to left tackle, Stacy Andrews to left guard and Willie Anderson to right tackle. Jesus, we have some serious depth and options on the offensive line -- which includes praises from Anthony Munoz to rookie tackle, Anthony Collins: "I like him a lot. He moves around real well. I think he's got a great future." With our offensive line, our improved defense (sorry, drinking the Kool-aid) and a general upgrade on the coaching staff, how can you not be optimistic this year.

College free agent wide receiver, Travis Brown, was waived Wednesday night after suffering a hamstring injury.

C Trent writes, "since coming back, I don't think I've seen a ball thrown near Chad Johnson that's been dropped." But I loved this comment, "Willie ate up Geathers. Some talking between the two." Big Willie is still the man.

Chinedum Ndukwe and the Bengals are awaiting MRI results after Ndukwe's knee gave out scaring the hell out of every loving Bengals fan, teammates and coaches. There seems to be optimism that he'll be fine in terms of complete 2008 season, but could miss four to six weeks, which leads right into kickoff weekend. And if he can't return, then John Lynch is available. Just saying.

Palmer will get roughly 10-15 snaps Monday Night (we'll discuss later). Chris Perry has missed just one practice since Friday's scrimmage.

The Bengals are incorporating double tight end sets and, well, players are really liking it.

DeDe Dorsey returned to camp, and fumbled. Says Ludwig, "If Dorsey gets cut, here’s the reason why — BALL SECURITY! He fumbles too often in practice." Then again, it seems that the James Johnson love-fest has simmered.

Kyries Hebert has no plans going back to the CFL.

However, when Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer, who is apparently a big fan of tough love, heard that Hebert was once the CFL's highest-paid defensive player, he noted, "They must not be too careful about their spending up there."

Kickers Shayne Graham and Kyle Larson are prepping a showdown between their schools, Virginia Tech (Graham) and Nebraska (Larson) on September 27.

Former Bengals center, Alex Stepanovich has been practicing with the first team because regular starter Todd McClure (working on a streak of 96 consecutive starts), has been out of camp "with a lower back injury".

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle, Casey Hampton, is doing a Jeremi Johnson -- working on getting into shape after being a bit heavy. Big Ben won't play against the Eagles in the Steelers opening pre-season game.

Browns position battles.