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Peter King gets another Bengals-related item wrong

Peter King writes a false (and misleading) comment in his latest Monday Morning Quarterback. He writes, "did you notice Chris Henry was one of Cincinnati's weekly captains for its final exhibition game? I think Sirhan Sirhan got his Eagle Scout badge in the big house years ago too."

This all started when Chick Ludwig wrote that "Chris Henry represented the Bengals as a team captain during the coin toss."

PFT picked up the August 29 story. Hours later, Bengals spokesmen Jack "No Comment" Brennen wrote to PFT: “Coach Lewis did not name Chris a captain. Captains named by Coach Lewis for the game were Ryan Fitzpatrick, Stacy Andrews, Leon Hall, Darryl Blackstock and David Jones. I was present when Coach gave those names to the officials pregame. Chick says he saw Chris out there. I can’t tell you where Chris physically was at that moment. But I’ve spoken to three other beat writers, who all say they recall paying some attention to the toss and do not recall seeing Chris in proximity to the captains group. One of the three says he was eyeballing the captains’ group through binoculars. Chris’ position coach also recalls looking at the captains and not seeing Chris in the area. Whatever Chick recalls seeing, we respectfully believe his report was based on, at best, an incorrect impression, unaccompanied by any attempt seek confirmation from the team.”

Not only does King, a cheap tabloid journalist, make every effort to portray the Bengals as negative as he does, he fails to confirm a story that rose and died on August 29, three days ago. Whatever it takes, right?