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Labor Day Links and Notes

Rudi Johnson took a physical and worked out Monday with the Lions. Sean writes that the Lions "aren't necessarily close to signing him." If the Lions sign Rudi, then they'd likely let Tatum Bell go.

Before Deltha O'Neal signed with the Patriots, the St. Louis Rams tried to get in the mix.

Letting go of Willie Anderson, Rudi Johnson and Deltha O'Neal saves the Bengals $9.7 million against the cap. No word on what, if anything, they'll use that for. This was performance related, my ass. That's a lot of coin.

As per usual of James Walker's AFC North Mailbag, he answers one Bengals reader asking about the league reducing Chris Henry's four-game suspension.

There's a chance that Ahmad Brooks could be successful in San Francisco with Mike Singletary being Brooks' position coach. Good luck to him. While he was here, he was a disappointment of physical-beastly proportions.

Great piece on local product, Josh Betts, getting signed with the Indianapolis Colts practice squad.

Ludwig takes it to the Bengals franchise, saying while they have incredible talent, there's just no heart with this franchise. I can't argue against his point.


Let me say this. Behind the Steel Curtain is run by quality Steelers fans that are good thoughtful thinkers, and aren't mindless bashers of the Bengals. Actually, I've commented there several times and never felt the need to go into mindless trash talking (never much been a fan of it). Anyway, Blitzburgh writes a good impression of the Bengals -- basically questioning our internal struggles. Will the Steelers look to add Willie Anderson? Perhaps the Browns?

The Browns finalized their practice squad.

We visited with Canal Street Chronicles before preseason game #3 to talk about the game. Right now, while Gustav threatens the Gulf Coast, Saintsational was forced into evacuation and documents it.


Fellow Mason High School alum, Brandon Yingling will replace UC Bearcats place kicker, Jake Rogers this weekend against Oklahoma, after he missed two PATs against East Kentucky. Yingling replaced Rogers last Thursday and made all four PAT attempts.

Oklahoma isn't taking any team in the Big East lightly. Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson says: "The Big East isn’t taking a back seat to anybody as we saw last year right in front of our faces and on national TV."

Wilson was an assistant coach for nine seasons with Miami University (imagine that), playing against the Bearcats for nine seasons.

Jaamal Berry, one of the top running backs in the nation, has committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

And Berry claims, after speaking with him, that Beanie Wells is all right. "He said he's going to be OK, I asked him how he was doing, and he seemed cool with it. He wasn't down or anything. He was like, 'No problem.'"