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Talking Fantasy Football

Now that the roster is set, and the Bengals prepare this week (which will dig into later), I entered a post at Fake Teams (a SB Nation fantasy sports blog). I dished up my pick for the Bengals best fantasy player and best sleeper pick. You can read my perspective there.

We ran our Flea Flicker draft last week, and I'm a bit concerned about my picks. Most of the players are starters with other teams, but hardly the best at their respective position. I picked up Steven Jackson as my first pick (fifth overall). Concerned slightly with his lack of preparation (hold out) and missing four games last season. The boy can play though, with 2006 being his best season. Here's hoping he can bust 'em out.

I picked up Maurice Jones-Drew, Laveranues Coles, Alge Crumpler, Mason Crosby, Eli Manning and (my annual homer pick), Chad Johnson. Fred Taylor has historically bailed me out, but now it appears he's forced to bail himself out. Devon Hester, David Akers, Joey Galloway, Matt Ryan and Jake Delhomme rounds up my team.

This team has potential, but it seems to me that it could go really, really bad.

If you're a regular reader here, and have a team within the league, tells us who you got and what you think. Or, if you want, talk about your own league and team.