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Chad Johnson knows he has a lot of making up to do

After a turbulent offseason, wondering how he'd embarrass the Cincinnati Bengals next, Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco is trying to dissolve that image of himself, trying to make up whatever wrongs he perceived he did. It's unquestionably odd -- yet, not related to the pessimism on the field -- that Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco legally changed his name. Some didn't like it, but it reminded me of his abilities to momentarily remove our focus from many depressing items within this organization -- even though he's contributed to those points in the past (and who knows if he will in the near future).

In the end, he realizes that our frustration with his distasteful, annoying and distracting offseason, wasn't a good thing and he plans to make that up to everyone -- front office, coaches, teammates and all of us.

"I got to be super extra focused. I gave a lot of making up to do top a lot of people, not only my teammates, coaches, you know, from the top all the way down. I (upset) a lot of people all offseason with some of my, most people call them antics, I got to be completely focused, no distractions. I have to stay an attraction. I can't be arrogant. But I have to be extraordinary at what I do. I have to make up to you all, too (media). It's easy to take shots at me, so I have to walk a straight line."

Whom does he owe? "start with Mr. (Mike) Brown and Katie (Blackburn) and work my way down."

How will you express your remorse? "Yeah, that's it (on field). That's the only way. And the fans are going to get a load of stuff this year."