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Thursday morning links and notes -- Marvin to fans "Do what you've got to do."

The NFL is beyond popular. It's almost a way of life; tailgating, clothing, satellite packages (who uses satellite services just to ave NFL Ticket?), car decals, etc. This weekend kicked off with a boom; ESPN's Monday night doubleheader drew 12.5 million viewers for the Vikings-Packers game while 9.7 million for the late-night Broncos-Raiders game. Twenty eight of 29 NFL markets, NFL games topped the local ratings.

For the Bengals/Ravens disaster Sunday afternoon with 26.6% of local households tuned into the game with a 51% household share; clearly most rated program during that time in Cincinnati; and it's a trend that's consistent with most NFL cities.

I understand why so many Bengals fans are upset. Hell, I was confused, frustrated, etc. But for now, I'm going to apply the loss against the Ravens as just being a bad week. Let's see what happens up until the bye week. Otherwise, what's the point for the next 15 games?

Pragmatic takes a look at the Bengals offensive line -- and a look down memory lane. I agree, the offensive line hasn't been trustworthy. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to review the game a second time around -- why the hell would I anyway? But my question is this: Were the Bengals offensive line truly outmatched, and beaten, or was the offense's inability to move the ball a product of the scheme? In other words, if the line has a hat on guys, and stick with them, then gaps open up for other defenders, wouldn't that a problem with the scheme rather than the line? Like I said, I don't know. Just a thought.

Marvin Lewis about fans who might be on the edge: “Do what you've got to do. That's what the focus is. If you're a fan, then be a fan. You get to determine that." Thanks. Between the attitudes of Mike Brown, and Marvin Lewis about the fans, why should we care anymore? Chick Ludwig weights in.

However, Palmer explained a different attitude from Lewis in a Wednesday team meeting:

"The first thing Marvin said was, 'We're going to be undefeated at home. We're going to protect our turf. We have great fans, and we need to keep 'em in the game by putting good stuff on the field,' "

Lewis Press Conference
Palmer Press Conference

Antwan Odom on playing his old team, the Tennessee Titans: "I want to show them what they missed out on. There's a lot of motivation. I want to go out and show them I can be a third-down guy, every-down guy. There's no hard feelings. It's a business."

James Walker on Palmer's 42-17 prediction for Saturday night's game between USC and tOSU. "There is nothing wrong with supporting your alma mater. But consider how big this game is and the way the Bengals are playing right now, this probably won't go over well in Ohio." Actually, we don't care what he predicts. If he throws four touchdowns and leads the Bengals to a win, all that alma mater rhetoric will be quickly forgotten.

Palmer isn't panicking about the offense's woes, however. "I know nobody wants to hear it, but it's Week 1. Not that there's an excuse or that it's OK, I just know how long this football season is and I know that the game that it really comes down to and the ones that really matter are the ones late."

So, the Bengals waived Nate Lawrie, the Ravens signed him to the practice squad, and then let him go so the Bengals could sign him back to the practice squad. What's wrong with that picture?

Marvin Lewis and the Bengals are "are working with Cincinnati Public Schools to launch a program that rewards students for getting good grades."

Which linebacker is better? USC's Ray Maualuga? Or tOSU's James Laurinaitis?

Beanie Wells isn't just expected to play Saturday night, but he's expected to be at full strength.

Saturday night will be a game between the top two college programs in this decade.

The Buckeyes need to protect the ball, have lights-out defense and play with an edge.