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Thursday Afternoon Links and Notes -- Several NFL Teams Struggling With Ticket Sales

Even though the Bengals are sold out Sunday, tickets are available at less than face value. It would seem that teams and tickets sales (or lack thereof) aren't just exclusive to the Bengals, in relation to other NFL teams. A furniture company bought 3,100 tickets in Detroit to lift the blackout. The NFL granted the San Diego Chargers (tickets bought by a local Fox affiliate) and the Arizona Cardinals a 24-hour extension to sell off their tickets to avoid a blackout, and the Vikings have over 6,000 tickets for week three's contest against the Panthers. Jacksonville hasn't sold out their game this Sunday, the Dolphins can't sell season tickets.

Sadly, the issue isn't reserved for just crappy teams -- rather several 2007 playoff teams are having problems.

When Dolphins right guard Donald Thomas was placed on Injured Reserve, it gave Ike Ndukwe the first shot at taking the spot. Even though Ndukwe is taking first team snaps, the Dolphins signed Evan Mathias, who Matty says, "probably will be the guy to take Thomas' spot once he gets better acclimated to this team." Yes, Ike is the older brother of Chinedum Ndukwe. Why else would we posting this?

Did you know that the Bengals are the fourth youngest team in the NFL with an average age of 25.81? Never really occurred to me either.

Let's see. Terrell Suggs says that the Ravens defense felt "super confident" about the matchups AFTER Willie Anderson and Rudi Johnson were let go. Titans' linebacker, Keith Bulluck is "still chapped" about last year's 35-6 loss to the Bengals.

Behind the Steel Curtain ranks the Bengals the 15th best AFC Team. Thank god for the Raiders, eh?

DID YOU KNOW: After starting up Bolts From The Blue (Chargers) and Gang Green Nation (NY Jets), Sports Blog Nation (the blog this site is apart of), now has all 32 NFL teams represented.

San Francisco Quarterback Alex Smith is on IR. He "never had much of a shot".

Vince Young will have to earn his starting job back, once (if) he returns.

Former Bengals center, Alex Stepanovich returns to the Atlanta Falcons.

What happens with the Saints offense now that Marques Colston could miss up to six weeks with a torn ligament in his left thumb?