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Four and Out with Music City Miracle's Jimmy

Each week we try to get the opposing team's SB Nation blogger to answer a few of our questions about that week's game; though we didn't get a chance to with Rexx last week (I was impossibly busy that week which prompted the idea of adding a second author to the site), which I'm sure we'll connect next time around; though Rexx is gracious enough to tell us how good the Ravens are well after the game has already finished. Thanks, Rexx :-)

Jimmy and I got together and exchanged some questions about each other's team. I tried to come up with a clever title for the questions, but "Four and Out" was all I came up with; if you fellas have ideas, preferably, good ones, then bring 'em. Also, I choose not to discuss Vince Young's "issues"; I figured it doesn't matter to the game other than the quarterback replacing him, and god knows we hate talking about distractions as much as anyone.

Anyway, here's the Q and A with Jimmy of Music City Miracles (Titans SB Nation blog). | My responses to his questions are here.

The first thing I was curious was, how (if at all), the Titans offense will change with Kerry Collins getting the start. Jimmy says:

"The Titans will run the ball, a lot. I am sure you already knew that though. The Titans are the type of team that is going to line up and try to knock you off the ball. That won't change no matter who is playing quarterback.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the passing game. There has been a lot of talk about how bad the receivers are. Don't get me wrong, they are bad, but it will be interesting to see how they do when they know when the ball is going to be there and where it is going to be. Collins played well in spot duty last season. He is a good back-up quarterback, and I expect him to put up pretty good numbers on Sunday."

When teams have third-and-five, usually offenses will look for their play-makers. I setup that scenario and asked Jimmy who the Titans play-maker is.

"Rookie running back Chris Johnson. Johnson proved last week that he was worthy of the #24 pick in the draft. He is explosive and catches the ball well out of the backfield. Plus he is the only weapon the offense has."

We've made it a point to remember the Bengals 35-6 win over the Titans last season; it was pretty much our best overall game. So why will this game be any different?

"This game will be closer because the defense is better. The secondary has gotten better the more they have played together, and the defensive line is better so Palmer won't be able to sit back there and pick apart the coverage like last season."

Last week, Albert Haynesworth suffered, what the team is calling a "mild concussion". Will Haynesworth play and how critical of a component is he to the Titan's defensive success?

"He probably won't practice this week, but I expect he will be ready to go on Sunday. This defense is pretty good without Haynesworth, but with Haynesworth they might be the best defense in the NFL."

Freaking me out, Haynesworth returning is. Why? Eric Ghiaciuc, that's why.