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Critical Matchup of the Week: Titans D-Line vs. Bengals O-Line

Critically speaking, I believe there's no bigger matchup on Sunday than the Titan's defensive line, and the Bengals offensive line. Kyle Vanden Bosch recorded the Titans' only sack in last year's 35-6 win over Tennessee, that led to a fumble and a missed 26-yard field goal by the normally always automatic Shayne Graham.

But this year, the Titan's defense is better.

Last week, Titans defensive tackles Albert Haynesworth and Tony Brown recorded two sacks each -- four of the team's seven sacks last week against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Vanden Bosch recorded a sack, and Stacy Andrews will have to contend with Jevon Kearse's 69.5 career sacks. James Jones (a backup to Vanden Bosch) and Kevin Vickerson (a backup to Haynesworth) also recorded sacks respectively.

If the Bengals can't allow Palmer to sit comfortably in the pocket, for more than three seconds, the Bengals haven't a chance. Eric Ghiaciuc and the Bengals running backs will be critical for the success of the team's pass protection, helping Andrew Whitworth and Bobbie Williams on both defensive tackles. More so, the Bengals offense will need to address the defensive ends and help out Andrews and Jones. At the very least, Reggie Kelly should be in a majority of the team's passing plays, assisting one side while a running back helps the other; at least chipping the pass rusher before going out into routes.

The offensive line, right now, is under a microscope. And if they keep Palmer clean, and open up lanes for a passable rushing offense, it should help bring some credibility and respectability among the team's offensive line; especially this week.