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Saturday morning links and notes -- Bengals should rebound this week.

On Thursday, I got my grubby hands on the newest Metallica album -- their ninth studio called Death Magnetic. If you're like me, growing up suffocating around glam rock bands, you wanted an alternative. In my single-digit youth, I found that in old school Metallica; Master of Puppets being my first metal album. Then Metallica evolved -- though some will dispute that. I've liked everything they've released recently; it just wasn't the old school that I head banged to for so long.

Death Magnetic is about as close to the "old school" that they've done since Justice. They've even included a 10-minute instrumental (reminesence of the old stuff) called Suicide and Redemption. Anyway, if you're an old fan, give it a shot. It's pretty good.

Let's get on with Bengals stuff.

Bengal Stripes predict the Titans will win 23-3 Sunday. Jeez. Not only do I think that the Bengals have a chance to compete, I think they'll rebound after last weekend witnessing the fans going ape-shit this week.

Domata Peko is one: "We can pound it with anybody. We just have to prove it. We've got people talking bad about us, but it's good we've got a home game. We have to prove to them we can stop the run and get them behind us. We've got the physical stuff. It's the mental things, the shifting and motion."

One of the four reasons Chick Ludwig writes that you should watch Cincinnati's home opener (other than being, you know, a fan) is the crowd's reaction to Chad Johnson.

The Paul Brown Stadium crowd’s reaction to Bengals WR Chad Ocho Cinco will be worth the price of admission. His trade demand fell on deaf ears in the offseason. Now he’s asking the fans for forgiveness. Will there be cheers, boos or a mixture of both? The fans’ treatment of one of the greatest players in franchise history will be an interesting dynamic.

I think most fans have already moved on. We have more pressing things to jeer on this team; and more reasons to cheer Johnson contributing to the team's success this weekend.

So Chris Perry is a bit sour after failing to convert a fourth-and-one last week. And he should be. However, generally speaking, the Bengals, it seems, have always struggled converting short down distances. Furthermore, I say if Perry can't contribute the way a feature back should be able to this weekend, during the week we play the Giants, Kenny Watson should be given a chance to fight for that starting spot.

Hey, if the idea is to put the players on the field that give you your best shot to win, then shouldn't we at least let the players compete?

Not like any of it matters until the Bengals offensive line toughens up.

Michael Lombardi writes about the Bengals:

If I were the Cincinnati Bengals, I would be worried about the play of quarterback Carson Palmer. He has not been the same since the knee injury two years ago and neither has the Bengals offense. The Bengals are perceived as being an explosive offense, but in reality there is nothing explosive about them. The Bengals need to find some answers for their lackluster offense. They need to get more production from their running game when teams play coverage on them, which is what Baltimore did last week.

Also, if I were the Bengals, I might want to think about shutting down the player formerly known as Chad Johnson until his injured shoulder is better. His play last week was not very effective and when I watched him play, he seems to compensate for his injury, almost playing with one hand. I admire his toughness for trying to play, but he is not right.

I agree about his first bullet, but I'm not 100% in agreement with his second. He might be right, but I didn't get the impression of Chad favoring anything. The Ravens defense just had answers for him and T.J. Houshmandzadeh and our entire offense. We should get more of an idea how much Chad's injury is hampering his abilities this weekend.

And no, the Bengals offense is not explosive.

Jimmy is pretty confident that the Titans will beat the Bengals.

The Vince Young saga will likely be the story line in all the pregame stuff Sunday, if not the entire CBS broadcast during the Bengals game.

I was right. Kerry Collins has never faced the Cincinnati Bengals -- the last NFL team he hasn't seen.

The forecast hasn't changed much, as per The high temperature will be in the high 80s, with an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon.

This Ravens blogger called T.J. Houshmandzadeh "Jerk of the Week" after he ripped "his helmet off and throws a huge temper tantrum like a 6 year old girl who didn’t get the latest Hanna Montana doll for not getting a call for pass interference." Jerk? LOL. If you say so.

Kevin Goheen suggests that the Bengals need to "get to the quarterback."

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Beanie Wells is declared "OUT" tonight.

Hinton doesn't believe it, but thinks the USC will win by nine.