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Rambling Stats: After Titans Game (24-7 Loss)

(Rather than doing a seriously over-worded recap, we generally examine the game through a series of posts... this post is an unorganized series of notes and numbers)

Yes, the wind was brutal today. No, it's not an excuse. Yes, it's just two games. And what an awful two games they are. Yes, the Bengals are 0-2. But if strength of losses are an indicator, the Bengals are already 0-16.

The Bengals are a talented team; often an overused comment that I'm questioning, as I am with coaching competency, front office intelligence, game planning and management. These players are not a cohesive unit; rather stat-sheet champions with crap quotes that make politicians look honest.

I'm pissed, ticked, angry, frustrated and tired. I'm a Bengals fan. Although, the past two Sunday afternoons severely challenges that. Anyway.

0 - The amount of touchdowns that Carson Palmer has thrown.
0 - Interceptions by the Bengals defense.
1 - Sacks by the Bengals defense through the first two games (Antwan Odom).
2.65 - Yards per carry by Chris Perry through two games.
3 - The number of interceptions thrown by Carson Palmer.
3.48 - Average yards per play by the offense through two games.
10 - Tackles by Dhani Jones against the Titans.
18 - More First Downs recorded by the opposition than the Bengals defense.
49% - Completion rate by Palmer.
129 - Total yards receiving, combined by Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh
228 - Total yards thrown by Palmer in two games.
369 - Total yards by the Bengals offense through the first two games.
406 - Yards rushing allowed by the Bengals defense (203 yards-per-game).

In the fourth quarter. Palmer completed four passes on nine attempts for 21 yards and two interceptions. In the same quarter, Titans running backs, Chris Johnson and LenDale White combined for 15 attempts for 54 yards.

Second half. White and C.Johnson combined for 23 rush attempts for 86 yards rushing.

After the Bengals scored their lone touchdown, the offense went: missed FG, punt, blocked punt (recovered for TD), punt, interception, interception, end of the game.