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If Johnathan Joseph can't go, uh-oh.

"Johnathan Joseph also has an ankle, and he might be a little longer."
Marvin Lewis' Monday Press Conference.

During the preseason, David Jones was probably the most picked on cornerback in the Bengals secondary -- and with reason. When opposing offenses passed for decent gains, it was Jones that we saw routinely sprinting to make up the ground he lost, hoping to make the tackle before big gain becomes mega-gain. Simeon Castille is the team's other available cornerback and I'm not convinced he's better. I wonder what Deltha O'Neal is up to these days.

Also out for Sunday is Dexter Jackson (what does he need his thumb for?), and Herana-Daze Jones. Ben Utecht will likely be out, perhaps up to three weeks -- based on his pain threshold.