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Tuesday morning links and notes -- are offensive problems related to the receivers

With Ben Utecht unlikely playing this Sunday, Daniel Coats would likely back up Reggie Kelly giving Jeremi Johnson a start.

UPDATE: There's a reason why Jeremi isn't starting, as Iggy reminds this dead-brain blogger.

There's actually an optimistic Bengals fan somewhere not going after Mike Brown with torches during Access Hollywood?

Thornton has an idea as to what's wrong with the Bengals offense. "He didn't have his guys all offseason and most of training camp. I would think that would affect anyone. It hasn't exactly been smooth sailing for him when his main guys aren't here." Hello Chad and T.J. Not that they were, as Chick Ludwig calls it "sandbagging" their injuries, but, you know.

I actually had the thought coming into work today that other receivers should be given more opportunities. If Chad and T.J. are still hurt, then it would make sense sitting them, or reducing the level of necessity for them to make plays. And if they're not hurt, then they're just not playing well enough to help us succeed.

Ludwig looks back at the Marvin Lewis draft (which we all know, hasn't been that great)

53 — total players selected in 6 seasons.

21 — drafted Bengals currently on the 53-man roster.

12 — drafted Bengals are currently starters.

5 — current Bengals starters are first-round draft picks (QB Carson Palmer, TB Chris Perry, CB Johnathan Joseph, CB Leon Hall and LB Keith Rivers).

Of the current roster, 39.6% were drafted by Marvin Lewis; 22.6% of the team's starters were drafted by Lewis. I believe he brings this up comparing Jerome Simpson with DeSean Jackson. Jackon has stepped up as the Eagles primary wide receiver with two of their starters down; Jackson caught six passes for 106 yards against the Rams, and six passes for 110 yards against the Cowboys.

My point is that Simpson hasn't been given the chance; not with two prominent and distraction-possible wide receivers in front of him.