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Thursday Morning Links and Notes -- developing offensive chemistry

Carlos Holmes is high on the Bengals secondary -- and honestly, I am also. However, I'm not so sure the secondary will keep Eli Manning and the Giants passing game in check. Especially with David Jones starting and Johnathan Joseph watching.

The prospect of what the Bengals offense can do (not will do), keeps the Giants pass defense focused because of the talent on this team. Linebacker Danny Clark said: "You won't catch me saying they're bad. I look at the players. The unit isn't playing well, but if you see Carson Palmer on the roster and Ocho Cinco on the roster, you've definitely got to open your eyes because those guys can beat you bad."

Jerome Simpson, as he patiently awaits his first NFL reception. "I have two great veterans in front of me (Chad Ocho Cinco and T. J. Houshmandzadeh), and they're helping me I feel more comfortable every day, so I'm making improvements. I'm trying to be more precise on my routes. I'm just waiting for my number to get called."

Geoff Hobson writes, "The Deltha Question has hit sooner than the Bengals ever imagined now that they released Deltha O'Neal and his 100-plus NFL games are with the Patriots." My question is how did they expect that question not to be problematic? All it took was one injury. A single one.

Chad Johnson on bringing back chemistry and unity to the offense. "One of the things that we need to do is what we did in '05 is Thursdays or Fridays the offense used to all go to dinner. I think Big Willie used to do that. We need to tell Carson we should get back to that." Leadership.

Ludwig examines the 10 wide receivers in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Eddie Royal and DeSean Jackson are basically the only two rookie receivers drafted in the second round that have largely contributed to their respective offenses.

Keith Rivers has performed as advertised. Now it's time for Rivers to stand up and lead this defense and make the mates around him better.

"Of the 68 NFL teams to start 0-2 since 2000, six made the playoffs. Since the NFL went to the 16-game format in 1978, the number is 27, including three that won Super Bowls."

A quote for the Maddenism, "We haven't scored points on offense, we have allowed some explosive plays defensively that have hurt us, and special teams-wise, although we have made some positive plays, we need to make some more. I think all in all we haven't played well enough to win the football games."