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Friday morning links and notes -- Palmer sticks up for Lewis

Palmer is doing his best to put a positive spin on the team's season.

"We're going about it as business. It seems like it's the end of the world to a lot of people, but this team still has a lot of hope left. ... The Giants started 0-2 (in 2007 and won the Super Bowl).

"Definitely, the season can keep going downhill. ... But this team is going to fight and scratch and try to get ourselves back into this."

It's clear that Palmer is also trying to reiterate that Lewis hasn't lost the locker room. “What somebody says on the outside, who has no idea what’s going on here, all he sees is 0-2, it’s kind of an easy thing to throw out there. In no way has Marvin lost this locker room or lost any attention from players."

Don Banks says that it's 75% likely that Lewis will be fired after the season. "I think Lewis became a dead man walking of sorts the day this preseason when Bengals owner Mike Brown decided that troubled receiver Chris Henry could rejoin the club. That move totally undercut whatever authority Lewis had remaining in his own locker room -- he had come out weeks earlier and proclaimed that Henry was not welcome in Cincinnati -- and once that's gone in the NFL, you're just marking time."

Notes of interest during yesterday's Marvin Lewis press conference.

On Jerome Simpson: "Jerome's got a ways to go as far as understanding what to do, and for us to have some confidence in him being in the spots where he needs to be. Then he can maybe earn some more playing time. We've put him in. He's played in each of the games. But he's got to be right all the time in practice. You don't just throw a guy out there."

On Keith Rivers: "I'm pleased with the things he's doing."

On Pat Sims and Jason Shirley and their lack of playing time: "Pat Sims was injured in training camp and didn't get to practice until last week, so I think he's got a ways to go conditioning-wise to play in an NFL game. We've got Orien Harris and John (Thornton) and Domata (Peko), ahead of him. Until he can prove through practice that he's a better option for me ... Jason's got a ways to go. I didn't envision Jason being a big part of what we're doing this year. I don't know if that will come. He's working at it, and maybe at some point he will. But at this point, that's where he is."

Courtesy of BoDog, I thought this was, well, interesting. The following is the odds for which month that Carson Palmer will record his first 300-yard game.

September: 7/4
October: 5/2
November: 3/1
December: 3/1
No 300-yard game in 2008: 9/2 s

Albert Haynesworth, for the most part, was neutralized by Andrew Whitworth last week.

James Walker now gets in the business of commenting and reacting to what others write.

Will the New York Giants defensive end Mathias Kiwanuka be 100% healthy Sunday?

Tom Coughlin on the Bengals: "Quite frankly, we have great respect for, in this case, the Bengals organization, the players, and their talent. And we know full well that what you did yesterday doesn't necessarily apply to what you are going to do today or tomorrow."