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Tuesday morning links and notes -- Craig signs with Panthers

Angelo Craig was signed with the Panthers' practice squad (h/t: Prag and kirby28).

Bengals Nation Daily sees a 20-3 win over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday.

The newest Bengals lineman, Frank Davis, takes over Willie Anderson's locker; whether or not he'll fill the 19-EEE shoes is another question; guard/tackle position not withstanding.

Speaking of which, it doesn't appear that Willie Anderson will play for Chicago.

Chad will fuss and complain if the Bengals lose. I just hope that if he does, he doesn't play himself larger than the team and takes responsibilities if he misses that third-down reception.

Chick Ludwig and Chad Johnson are calling the release of Willie Anderson, a mistake. Says Chad, "Usually, you’re able to give a reason why it (getting cut) happens to certain people But I don’t have a reason why you let Willie Anderson go.”


While there's no time-table for Beanie Well's return, the Heisman candidate sat out Monday's practice still wearing his protective boot on his right foot.

The Sooners are impressed with the University of Cincinnati, even if they're three touchdown favorites.

My first metal album was Metallica's Master of Puppets; have been a ridiculous fan ever since. Anyway, in a few weeks, Metallica is releasing their ninth studio album called Death Magnetic. Here's the first song called The Day That Never Comes. It's eight minutes, and listen to the whole thing. It gets crazy good halfway through.

This is another, called My Apocalypse. Reminds you of Whiplash, somewhat.