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Tuesday afternoon links and notes -- the Jags are the new Bengals?

It would appear that there's some interest in the Minnesota media about the Vikings contacting Willie Anderson.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh tells ESPN's James Walker to stop disrespecting the Bengals: "But we're going to be better than what your co-workers [at ESPN] think we are. So tell your co-workers we will see how much they really know, because we will be better than what you all think."

The Jaguars have become the new Bengals for off-the-field conduct? This blogger (aka, me) says, "ABOUT DAMN TIME".

Peter King's predictions are typically around the popularity of the sport. So, let's examine. AFC Champions, New England Patriots. Check. NFL MVP, Tom Brady. Check. Though I'm giving some love to Kay in Dallas.

Cincinnati Bearcats quarterback, Dustin Grutza won the Big East Offensive Player of the Week (21 of 28, 296 yards, three touchdowns, 33 yards rushing and a rushing touchdown).