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49ers beat Lions in Former Bengals Bowl

What you may not have known today, is that seven former Bengals players played in one NFC game now dubbed the Former Bengals Bowl; the San Francisco 49ers beat the Detroit Lions, 31-13.

Rudi Johnson rushed for 83 yards, on 14 carries, including a 27-yard rush. The last time he had a rush attempt longer than 27 yards, was December 18th, 2005 against the -- I freaking love irony -- the Detroit Lions with a 33-yard run.

That wasn't all. Jon Kitna hit Rudi Johnson on a 34-yard touchdown pass. Rudi Johnson recorded 131 total yards; three receptions and a team-leading 48 yards receiving.

Then there's Justin Smith, recording a sack, an interception and a forced fumble. Smith forced Kitna to fumble on a sack, on the Lions second drive of the game; the Lions recovered and another former Bengals player, Nick Harris, punted the ball 57 yards. Smith tackled Rudi Johnson and Jon Kitna each. Late in the game, Kitna attempted a pass to Rudi Johnson that was picked off by Smith.

Takeo Spikes recorded a forced fumble and two tackles. Mark Roman recorded two tackles and Langston Moore added another.

Former Bengals players in this game.

For the Lions
Jon Kitna
Rudi Johnson
Nick Harris
Langston Moore

For the 49ers
Justin Smith
Takeo Spikes
Mark Roman

In case I missed one, let us know.