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Monday afternoon links and notes -- moral victory, blah, blah

Curnutte is flying the banner of moral victory. In truth, I have no problem with that. I've always been a champion of allowing one to have their own opinion -- no matter what others think of it. Unless it's really, really stupid.

Keith Rivers had two assisted tackles against the Giants. On the other hand, Dhani Jones had 12 tackles, David Jones had nine and our young safeties combined for 13 (Ndukwe with seven, Marvin White with six).

"Is close good enough"? No. It's not. But it sets the table for the next game.

Feel bad because the Bengals lost. Feel good because the Bengals are a better team than we've given them credit for.

Walker threw a Cincinnati Bengals player into his "Who's Hot" list.

Don Banks: "Ever since that Week 17 moral victory against undefeated New England last December, No. 10 refuses to let the Giants lose." There it is again. Moral Victory. It won't be long before that term becomes illegal at Cincy Jungle -- a first.

A Kenny Irons update. "No surprise he was in Auburn, as I assume he’s got plenty of time on his hands now. I only got to talk to him briefly because he was too busy buying drinks for white girls at the bar."

The Giants are soft?

Bengals starting MLB Dhani Jones, a Giant from 2000 to '03, was calling his former team "soft" on the field Sunday, according to one of the Giants who asked for anonymity because the on-field chatter is often considered to be between players only. The player said a few Giants were celebrating in Jones' direction after WR Amani Toomer's catch that set up Carney's game-winner.

Jones? A talker? I don't believe it. Somehow I feel that Joey Porter is somehow involved.