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Tuesday morning links and notes -- Sacks, sacks, sacks

For the season, the offensive line has allowed nine sacks and two bloody noses. On the other hand, the Bengals defense has just one stinking sack (Antwan Odom). At this rate, the Bengals will have five sacks for the season and allow 48. What's interesting is that, excluding one season since 2004, the Bengals have sacked the opposing quarterback more times than the offensive line has allowed our quarterbacks to be sacked.

A break-down through the Marvin Lewis era.

Season Sacks Allowed
2008 1 9
2007 22 17
2006 35 36
2005 28 21
2004 37 31
2003 30 37
TOTAL 153 151

The Bengals gave the Giants a fight without starting cornerback Johnathan Joseph, pseudo-starting tight end Ben Utecht and soon-not-to-be starting safety, Dexter Jackson. All three "have a chance to play Sunday", hosting the Browns.

After their near upset that odds-makers made Cincinnati a 13-point underdog, the players "came away with a little bounce in their step and a sense that things are about to get a whole lot better."

After Derek Anderson completed 14 of 37 passes for 125 yards, and three interceptions, pressure is building in Cleveland to give Brady Quinn a look. "Eight of the Bengals' last 18 games have come against quarterbacks who weren't considered their team's No. 1 quarterback."

Fred Robbins was pissing me off. Even though the Bengals shutout Justin Tuck (Stacey Andrews should be given some praise for that effort), Fred Robbins recorded two sacks and a finger-tip field goal block that was converted anyway.