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Bengals opponents are 24-21 this season

What do the Bengals have in common with Rams, Lions, Chiefs, Texans and Browns? Sadly, a winless record. Though you examine those teams, and you kind of see the point with this Associated Press headline: "Bengals the most upbeat of NFL's winless teams."

Coming into the season, the Bengals had the sixth toughest schedule in the league. You'd think, based on the scheduling formula, that a third-place team in 2007 would have a third-place schedule in 2008. Sadly, we're playing the NFC East and the AFC South -- arguably two of the toughest divisions in football. Luckily the Bengals play the winless Browns twice, the winless Chiefs and Texans. We have two more undefeated teams on our schedule -- though it's likely the Ravens won't be undefeated that late into the season; nor will the Colts have a losing record.

Right now, Bengals opponents are sporting a .533 record (not sure where that ranks). Last season, the same opponents went 140-116 (.547). Here's this years breakdown.

Opponent Record PCT.
Baltimore Ravens 2-0 1.000
Tennessee Titans 3-0 1.000
New York Giants 3-0 1.000
Cleveland Browns 0-3 .000
Dallas Cowboys 3-0 1.000
New York Jets 1-2 .333
Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1 .667
Houston Texans 0-2 .000
Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 .333
Philadelphia Eagles 2-1 .667
Pittsburgh Steelers 2-1 .667
Baltimore Ravens 2-0 1.000
Indianapolis Colts 1-2 .333
Washington Redskins 2-1 .667
Cleveland Browns 0-3 .000
Kansas City Chiefs 0-3 .000
  24-21 .533