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Saturday afternoon links and notes II -- Why Not Give Collins a Chance

Chick Ludwig remembers a 1980 game between the 6-9 Bengals (out of contention) and the 10-5 Browns who needed the win to get to the playoffs by way of the AFC Central title.

Marvin Lewis on Jamar Fletcher: "He's come in and hit the ground running. He's played a lot of football in the NFL, so he really has a strong base."

How good was Anthony Collins at Kansas? "There haven’t been any significant injuries on the offensive side of the ball to deter the run, yet it stinks. Obviously the loss of offensive tackle Anthony Collins, who’s now in the NFL, was huge." It would seem that the Bengals, based on beat writer's impressions, are giving Levi Jones one more chance. If he does well, then great. If not, then why not Collins?

There's a misunderstanding about Jason Shirley. An arrest warrant was NOT issued on the rookie defensive tackle. It's a Bench Warrant, which is really a none issue, provided Shirley heads West before Tuesday's deadline.

Donte Stallworth was downgraded to doubtful, likely leaving the Browns with Syndric Steptoe as the team's second best wide receiver.

Former Bengals guard, Eric Steinbach, on his right shoulder. “It’s still day to day. But all week long it’s gotten better and stronger. I’m feeling pretty good. I still gotta go out there (Friday) and see what I can do in a little live play.”