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The Bengals Second-Half Offense Against the Browns

Bengals First Offensive Possession (13:06-10:29

  1. Fitzpatrick completes 11-yard pass to Chad Johnson. Standard I-formation. Browns bring six rushers, with defensive backs giving large cushions to receivers. Easily, Fitzpatrick hits Chad, who ran about seven yards and turned down the left sidelines. Chad picks up about 2-3 yards after the catch.
  2. Fitzpatrick completes 11-yard pass to T.J. Houshmandzadeh. In double-TE set, Houshmandzadeh lined up wide on the right, ran a skinny slant, and picked up the first down. Again, the Browns blitzed two linebackers.
  3. Fitzpatrick completes 6-yard pass to Houshmandzadeh. Lined up in no-TE set, with two receivers on the right, Fitzpatrick drops back and calmly scans the field. He finds and hits T.J. on the right, in between two defenders for the six-yard gain.
  4. Chris Perry rushes for two yards. In single-back formation, strong side to the right with two WRs on the left, Perry takes the hand off and runs wide side to the right. Bobbie Williams pulled and led Perry while Antonio Chatman cracked blocked the linebacker. Ten defensive players were sealed inside, leaving #24-E.Wright alone to make the tackle. Which he did, after a two yard gain.
  5. Chris Perry rushes for no gain. Bengals line up large on the third-and-two. Fitzpatrick pitches the ball left to Perry with Levi Jones and Andrew Whitworth leading Maui'a and Perry to the edge on the left. Shaun Rogers ABUSED Eric Ghiaciuc into the backfield, three yards deep. Levi Jones took on the outside linebacker who clogged up the edge, preventing Perry from stretching the run, forcing him to turn inside. This enabled Rogers, who abused Ghiaciuc, to tackle Perry from behind.
  6. Bengals punt.

Bengals Second Offensive Possession (8:27-4:51)

  1. Fitzpatrick completes 7-yard pass to Reggie Kelly. Kelly lined up at the right Tight End spot, runs a yard up, and then turns out. Fitzpatrick hits him at the break.
  2. Chris Perry rushes for no gain. Bengals line up single-back formation, strong side to the right, Twins to the left.Levi Jones took the end out, Eric Ghiaciuc and Andrew Whitworth doubled the defensive tackle. Stacy Andrews had problems with his defensive end burying down the line of scrimmage, eventually getting to Perry. #21-B.Pool showed blitz, turned the corner and was also in on the tackle.
  3. Fitzpatrick throws incomplete to Chatman. With two Browns blitzers coming down Fitzpatrick's line of sight, while he was looking right, the quarterback threw a horrible pass to Chatman -- who wouldn't have gained anything anyway with a defender ready to pounce.
  4. Fitzpatrick completes pass to Chris Perry, loses five yards. Another patent horrible screen play. Perry takes the pass, with Eric Ghiaciuc had #52-Jackson in sight, and even got a hand on him. Still, Ghiaciuc being too slow, and Jackson reading the screen early, and you have a five-yard loss.
  5. Fitzpatrick scrambles for 12 yards. This is an example of when Fitzpatrick is forced to shift in the pocket, he's more than likely to lower his head and run, eliminating the possibilities of broken coverage down field. Once Fitzpatrick learns to scramble out of the pocket, and takes one last look downfield, he could have several quality virtues that team's would like. Instead, he runs for 12 yards and the...
  6. Bengals punt.

Bengals Third Offensive Possession (13:05-12:58)

  1. Chris Perry fumbles the football. Bengals line up I-formation, no TE with twins on the left and single-WR on the right. Perry gets the hand off, runs up the gut, then gets hit in the gut and loses the football.

Bengals Fourth Offensive Possession (11:06-7:46)

  1. Fitzpatrick throws incomplete pass to Chris Perry. Fitzpatrick fakes the handoff, looks around and then dumps the pass off to Perry. The ball was a bit high, tipped by Perry and nearly picked off by the Browns.
  2. Fitzpatrick completes 10-yard pass to Chatman. Another weak play-fake, Fitzpatrick unleashes a low pass to Chatman on the left, who's forced to dive forward for the reception.
  3. Fitzpatrick throws incomplete pass to Chatman. Chatman, on the right, runs up to the first down marker and hooks out. Fitzpatrick threw the pass too low, that skipped past Chatman.
  4. Fitzpatrick completes 22-yard pass to Chatman. Chatman runs to the first down marker and turns. After catching the pass, Chatman spins off a tackle and gains another 10-12 yards.
  5. Fitzpatrick throws incomplete to Chatman. Fitzpatrick throws a rainbow pass down the left sidelines for Chatman, who had a defensive back on his inside and someone over the top. The pass was in Chatman's hands, but with the fall and being pressed by the back, Chatman couldn't bring the pass in.
  6. Fitzpatrick completes eight-yard pass to Reggie Kelly. Kelly lined up at the left tight end spot, runs up seven yards and turns to catch the pass.
  7. Fitzpatrick completes 15-yard pass to Houshmandzadeh. Houshmandzadeh lines up wide to the left. Ben Utecht lined up to Houshmandzadeh's right, ran a seam route and picked the guy defending Houshmandzadeh, freeing him up to run a short crossing pattern.
  8. Fitzpatrick completes four-yard touchdown pass to Chad Johnson. Fitzpatrick rolled out to the right (by design) and found Chad Johnson at the back of the endzone, running towards the back right pylon. Johnson started on the right, faked running in and then straightened out right.
  9. Two point conversion. Fitzpatrick throws incomplete. Fitzpatrick is forced to roll out to the right and throw a bad pass over the middle to Chris Perry (I think). God good, Eric Ghiaciuc is on his backside, for the third time in the game (by my count). Ghiaciuc falling to his backside, forced Fitzpatrick to roll out right.

Bengals Fifth Offensive Possession (3:01-2:10)

  1. Fitzpatrick scrambles to the right for a five-yard gain. Fitzpatrick, with no real reason to run, scrambles out to the right. What happened is that the edge rushers were pushed to the outside, around the pocket, giving Fitzpatrick happy feet.
  2. Fitzpatrick completes a one-yard pass to Chris Perry. Perry flanked Fitzpatrick in shotgun, ran through the guard and then out.
  3. Fitzpatrick is sacked and fumbles the ball. This is all Stacy Andrews. The edge rusher outran Andrews, hitting Fitzpatrick and forcing the fumble. If you watch Hall, he was either guessing the snap count, or off-sides. Either way, Hall had a step on Andrews and Andrews never recovered.

Bengals Sixth Offensive Possession (:32-:14)

  1. Fitzpatrick completes a nine-yard pass to Ben Utecht. Fitzpatrick hits Utecht, who lined up in the slot. Fitzpatrick is forced up into the pocket because of pressure. He throws the pass before reaching the line of scrimmage, to Utecht on the right.
  2. Fitzpatrick throws an incomplete pass to Chatman. Fitzpatrick threw the pass away; about twenty feet through the sidelines.
  3. Fitzpatrick throws an interception to #25-T.Cousin. Fitzpatrick, looks to the right, and then moves up in the pocket, shakes a tackle, and throws the pass while being hit forcing the interception to Cousin.