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Wednesday Morning Links and Notes -- Signing guys to replace guys they release

As well as working out Chad Jackson, the Bengals invited Eugene Wilson to work out Tuesday (h/t Prag). This is another example of the team dumping veteran players that make more money than what the team thinks they should make, thus releasing them and going after lesser talent to replace them. And I'm not saying Wilson is a bad defensive back, but O'Neal's departure was solely monetary and it's very unlikely the money saved by releasing Willie Anderson and O'Neal will be used to further the team's foundations, or used in a plan to acquire better role players -- other than the players that they have to replace after releasing them.

Perhaps the team lacks foresight. Perhaps? You're joking right? I'm not mad, bitter, angry and or any of that. But for some reason, I just continued to be surprised.

Rudi Johnson took a pay cut of over $2 million, writes Hobson, after securing a one-year deal.

Shayne Graham says that if the Bengals and the place kicker don't come to an agreement for an extension, he may test the free agency market.

Chick Ludwig quotes a Boston Globe writer regarding Chad Jackson: "I believe Jackson had not won over the trust of Tom Brady, plain and simple. Brady couldn't rely on him to be in the right place consistently. Jackson had generated a lot of discussion … in recent months and I think it’s now fair to call that draft pick — and the investment of trading up to acquire Jackson — a poor decision."

I worry when Drew Rosenhaus gets involved with Chad Johnson Ocho Cinco in any manner -- especially as a spokesman. "You can call him Chad or you can call him Ocho Cinco. He is no longer Chad Johnson. He is Chad Ocho Cinco. That is his legal name and he would like to be referred to that now by the media and his friends and even family. He’s serious about that." Obviously. Like any of us really give a damn.

Bet you never thought we'd have a Tony Williams reference today. Hey, that's why you come here.


Based on the 2008 draft slot, the Bengals will pick USC defensive tackle Fili Moala in the 2009 NFL Draft, writes Matt Miller.

Not even god seems to have any clue who the veteran quarterback that the Ravens signed this week is. Though Rexx writes that it's Todd Bouman.

Since 1997, Carson Palmer is among five quarterbacks drafted in the first round that have actually not been busts, or soon to be, writes Florio.

There's another long standing right tackle that got demoted to second-team.


The UC Bearcats will play Oklahoma this Saturday starting at 3:30 p.m. The game will be a regional broadcast -- in Cincinnati, it's on Channel 9 (WCPO).

Saturday will be a good test for the Sooners to check out their "retooled" secondary and linebacker group that returns only one starter.

While Oklahoma players are listening to loud music to simulate crowd noise during practice ("get a little grove" says defensive end Alan Davis), the Bearcats are simulating crowd noise with, crowd noise; LOUDLY.

Sooners head coach Bob Stoops on the Bearcats: "I can go on and on, they are a very good team that we recognize it as a major challenge this season. We are focusing on having a great week of practice and coming out ready to play on Saturday."

Bearcats head coach is looking forward to Saturday: "I like the talent that we have on defense. I'm not scared. I'm excited about putting the guys that we have on the field against Oklahoma and letting us go after it and see what happens."