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Tuesday morning links and notes -- Source: Henry is playing against Dallas

A source told him Chick Ludwig that Henry will play against Dallas, and that Daniel Coats and Glenn Holt are two candidates to be axed (his speculation, not the source's). I'm fine with Coats. Of guys with 10 kickoff returns or more, Holt's 26.2 yards-per-return ranks ninth in the NFL.

Ludwig asked why the deception about Palmer leading up to the Browns game, to which Marvin Lewis responded. "There was no deception on Carson. The decision was made on Sunday morning. I talked with Carson at length Saturday evening and told him what I thought was the best thing for him, because at that point he was still adamant that he wanted to play. So there is no deception. The doctors expressed their concern to him on Thursday, as he told you and I told you."

And if you watch the press conferences, it's almost laughable how Ludwig digs into Lewis, who's naturally guarded about all things Bengals football and how irritated that Lewis looks when Ludwig grills him.

Palmer on playing against Dallas:

"I’ve already made up my mind, I’m playing. I’m going to do what I can in practice and do what they let me do, but I’m 100 percent expecting to play going into this game and planning on playing. I’ll probably be limited in practice, but do what I can."

Daugherty reflects on "how the season unraveled".

Rudi Johnson was promoted to first-string running back for the Detroit Lions.

Mike Brown and the Cincinnati Bengals donated $250,000 to the Cincinnati Park Board.

We're putting guys away in crowded jails for stealing a tackle dummy at the Bengals practice field? (you know you're thinking it: the Bengals don't use them anyway, blah, blah, blah)

David takes a look at the "Dearly Departed" (those players that left after last season). Dave also examines the first quarter of the season.