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Thursday Morning links and notes

The players, not the coaches, front office or even the media, are telling you, the fans to stick with them, hang in there with and for them. Antonio Chatman even believes that the Bengals "will be in the playoffs and we will be running for a championship this year."

John Thornton relates and understands the fan's point of view, having lost so many games in the 90s through 2002. "You know, when I'm retired and a fan, I'll have those same feelings."

Perry isn't worried about critics, nor injury. "It's out of my hands. I can't control that. So for me to worry is a waste of time."

Kenny Watson would be in Real Estate if he wasn't playing football.

Willie Anderson is in high demand right now.

Interesting results on an Enquirer survey regarding the Bengals.

WDR thinks that the Bengals should include a clause in Jeremi Johnson's contract fining him per day for being overweight. The only problem is that the Bengals can't just add something into the contract. Johnson is signed through 2011, and gets paid handsomely for a fullback. Maybe restructuring his contract isn't a bad thing; nor a clause for his weight. But Johnson would have to agree to it.

Robert Geathers picked up some skills while playing linebacker last year that he'll apply returning as a pass rushing end.

Carson Palmer press conference
Marvin Lewis press conference

DeDe Dorsey likes kick boxing.

Bobbie Williams is proud to be a big family guy.

Antwan Odom on injury: "No pain, no soreness, nothing. I taped it up and it didn't bother me a bit," Odom said Wednesday of his practice experience Monday. "No restrictions. I just tape it up and go. I want to prove to the fans that I belong here."

How does the defense feel about being the weakest link on this team? Mike Zimmer says, "I think they're tired of all that stuff."

The Bengals newest fullback Reagan Maui'a was arrested back in April for misdemeanor battery.

Bad publicity will always take precedence over all the good that players do in the community that never gets documented.


Paul Daugherty asks where the UC buzz is. Apparently he doesn't read this blog.

The NCAA denied Mauk, again, saying:

“Our review of the facts as presented and possible mitigating factors for this eligibility request was extensive and thorough, exhausting all avenues in the administrative procedures and ensuring a fair process for this student-athlete,” said Carol Iwaoka, the NCAA Division I Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee chair and associate commissioner of the Big Ten Conference. “Even after reviewing the latest information, the committee was unable to identify compelling factors that might be viewed as beyond the control of the student-athlete and the University of Cincinnati.”

Is it now on the University of Cincinnati to give the Big East a boost?

Brian Kelly press conference

Head coach Jim Tressel gave the seniors a box of 12 marbles, each one representing how many games are left in their college career, pointing out how quickly they go.

Buckeyes defensive lineman Nader Abdallah is a New Orleans native, and thankful that Gustav wasn't a repeat of Katrina.