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Thursday afternoon Links and Notes II -- Peckerwood, that is all

Willie Anderson's agent is awaiting a contract proposal from the Chargers. However, this blog says that the awesomest former Bengals right tackle will be visiting Tampa Bay Thursday.

Sorry mate, but if either Chad or Houshmandzadeh, the Bengals won't die. That's why the visionary Mike Brown signed Chris Henry. See, he knows what he's doing (that's dripping sarcasm, by the way).

Deltha O'Neal was shocked after being cut from the Bengals, but thrilled to be on the Patriots. I don't doubt it. Now he'll actually play to his talents that he's happy.

Colton Lynch, Corey's youngest brother, might be the best Lynch of all.

"Peckerwood Rescue Squad looks to great year after fundraiser". I'm purposefully not commenting on that link.

The San Diego Tribute reviews the AFC, division by division, and ranks the Bengals last in the AFC North. They play football in California? Go BUCKS!