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Friday morning links and notes -- for $11,000, Rivers can have 55

When I first thought of this story, I wondered why is Reebok milking Rivers for $11,000 to change his jersey number. I mean, they want to sell out the stock of "58' jerseys,

This is why the NFL is inferior sometimes when Reebok tells Keith Rivers that he has to pay them to change the jersey number, so that the company can "sell out" the remaining stock of "58" jerseys.

Pragmatic sees the Bengals finishing 10-6. I like it.

However for the most part, the story is nearly always the same. The Bengals were once promising, then struggled, then got injured and are the league's biggest underachievers.

Chick Ludwig says the three keys to success against Baltimore (we presume) are pass protection, establishing the run and rush defense.

Joe Fortenbaugh looks at Carson Palmer, through a fantasy football perspective.

Just a reminder: Beanie Wells isn't the only running back for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

In 119 seasons, the Buckeyes are 799-304-55 all-time. If they beat OU, it'll be the team's 800th all-time win. If they don't beat them, I will sob, horribly loud.

The Big Ten is struggling, there's no question.

One of Paul Brown's major philosophy's on player personnel, is speed over size. This year, UC has the speed, and Oklahoma has the size.

Dustin Grutza on this weekend's game: "We feel like Oklahoma's a big-time team. To be able to come down and play a big game at their stadium, it should be fun. Big game. Big crowd. We're looking forward to it."


Highlands coach met with the Colerain coach to exchange tapes. The Highlands coach said: ""He said there was nothing new, 'We're just going to run the triple option and the 50 Slant defense.'"

Winless Mason will take on winless Withrow at Mason. Here's hoping that winless Mason beats the winless Withrow.